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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic a Top 20 Summer 'Must Read'!

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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!​



Now available in stores and online!
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Praise for Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

“Michelle Hébert’s debut novel is a beautifully crafted coming-of-age story about a young woman’s journey towards the acceptance of her family, with a focus on trust and love and a surprising narrative twist that is skillfully woven into the story.”


"An unforgettable coming-of-age tale. Enchanting, heartfelt, and tender, it is about loss, family, and the things that haunt us through life. Deeply satisfying in its execution, exquisite and propulsive, there is magic to be found on every page. A stunning story that gripped me and has lingered long after I finished it. I loved this beautiful, devastating book."

 - JOANNE GALLANT, award-winning author of A Womb in the Shape of a Heart

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"Delightfully funny, smart, and deliciously written, Hébert dives deep into emotions that haunt us all in daily life, all while reminding us of our shared humanity that makes life sparkle. Buckle up for a ride back in time - you're in good hands with this masterful storyteller."

 - KELLY S. THOMPSON, national bestselling author of Girls Need Not Apply and Still, I Cannot Save You

This book is woven together expertly with a mix of all kinds of wonderful potions: music, family, ghosts, love, magic, and tarot. The characters are gorgeous weirdos with strange nicknames who get under your skin with their realness. Underneath it all there is a strong message about being true to who you really are, realizing that you can’t escape your family or where you come from, and that sometimes you just have to lean into grief to be able to let some of it go.


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"With the 1980s as its backing soundtrack, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic is a spirited novel about being stuck and the invisible currents that push us forward. A funny, brash, and original debut."

- SARAH MIAN, Leacock-shortlisted author of When the Saints

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"Michelle Hébert's well-crafted debut crackles with mystery, melancholy, and a mind-blowing twist. She shines a sensitive spotlight on mental illness and its impact on self, family, and friends. This tale is a wry reflection on life, death, grief and healing."

JANE DOUCET, author of Lost & Found in Lunenburg

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Hi, I'm Michelle.

My writing spans many genres – personal essay, fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, and academic. The common thread running through it all has been my focus on those whose voices don’t always get heard - people who have to fight too hard to get what they need or to be understood. 


Stories show the world who we are and what we believe in. Me? I believe in books and beaches, magic, ghosts, cats, the importance of understanding history, and the courage it takes to stare down bullies and work for a better future. I also believe in the healing power of a good mix tape and a lot of cake.


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